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The great mullein at the top is Blekinge's province flower
The European stag beetle is the largest beetle in Europe.
It is mainly found in connection with old oaks. The beetle is the province animal of Blekinge
Utklippans lighthouse. The lighthouse on Södraskär was built in 1840 as a combined lighthouse and fortress. The current lighthouse was built in 1870 according to Albert Theodor Gellerstedt's drawings and is 30.9 meters high. The lighthouse has been fully automated since 1972. The white light from the main lighthouse was turned off by the Swedish Maritime Administration in 2008, but the fairway lighthouse is still there. Utklippan's lighthouse has been a state building monument since January 25, 1935.
Kungsholms fortress is a military fortification in the Blekinge archipelago that today belongs to the Swedish navy. The Fortress is today the world's oldest continuously fortified military facility as it has been manned since the 17th century.
The acorn is the nut of the oaks. It usually contains a plant surrounded by two cotyledons, enclosed in a tough shell known as the pericarp and borne in a cup-shaped cupule.
Rosenbom is a wooden figure that stands in front of the Admiralty Church in Karlskrona, since the end of the 18th century. In 1956 it was replaced by a copy made by "Hästö-Kalle", but the original can be viewed inside the church.
 Carlshamn's punch was manufactured in the 1850s in C G Berg's factory in the city of Karlshamn. After LO Smith, also called the brandy king, bought the production, he changed the name as part of a marketing plan to Carlshamns Flaggpunsch and the two Swedish military flags that form the basis of the name are still on the bottles today.
Flowers. Blekinge has an abundant flora
The Peace Stone In the middle of the small stream, the peace of Brömsebro was concluded between Denmark and Sweden on August 13, 1645. It was the starting point for Sweden's era of great power. In memory of the peace, a stone was erected much later on an islet in the stream.
Fredrik church  is a church building in Karlskrona city parish. The church is part of the world heritage of the Naval City of Karlskrona, which was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1998, the church was inaugurated in 1744 in the presence of Crown Prince Adolf Fredrik and Princess Lovisa Ulrika. The church was named after King Fredrik I.
U 137 In October 1981, a Soviet submarine accidentally hit an underwater rock about 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) from the South Coast Naval Base at Karlskrona and surfaced within Swedish waters
Fishing cabins in the many harbors in Blekinge
Ljuster is a sharp, spear-like or fork-like, usually a tool for hunting fish, mainly eels.
Fishing boat this represents the many fishermen in Blekinge

Structure: Bound Rosepath
Reed: 40/10, 6 shaft och 6 pedals
Size: 42,8 x 60 cm

Includes Weaving Pattern and Weft
1-Pack  Warp 2,40 m
2-Pack  Warp 3,40 m
3-Pack  Warp 3,40 m
OBS!  The Warp is not included.
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