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Linen Yarn 16/1

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Flax linen yarn
Linen is made from Flax fibres. 
They are laborious to manufacture, but stronger, more adsorbent and dries faster then cotton, but they have less elasticity. They feel cool, due to the higher connectivity for heat. Flax fibres are stronger whenthey are wet, whch is unusual for fibres. But they have low elasticity and can break if they are repeatedly folded or ironed on the same place.
Linen fabrics have a high degree of natural luster that give textiles the special beautiful linen look.
Flax fibres are 25 to 150mm long. The fibres are separated before they the spinningprocess and the  longer are used for Flax linen yarn and the shorter for tow linen yarn.
The yarn is suitable as warp and weftyarn
The flax-yarn is suitable to towels due to it´s power of absorption. The flax also gives a beautifyl luster to tablecloths
Unbleached 250g/roll, 5000m/kg
Semi-bleached 250g/roll, 5600m/kg
OBS! Unbleached, bleached and halfbleached is sold in 250g rolls. Colored in 125g rolls.
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